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You work hard for your money - don't let it sit idle!
Set a goal and start investing - in your dreams and
in your future!

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Ping Up helps you invest in your future. How?


We know finance can be
scary, that’s why our
‘Ping Academy’ is designed
to break finance down into
simple language


Take your future into your
own hands and gain financial independence with easy, goal-based investment journeys


Our aim is to build a simple,
beautiful investment journey
just for you! Start with as little
as Rs. 500 and build your way
up to your dreams

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Ping Up is for everyone. Yes, everyone!

Use our Ping Academy to become a finance pro, and
watch your wealth grow!

Learn to invest, from the best!

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Investments can multiply your wealth vs cash that just sits! Curious about just how that works? Play
around with our goal calculator to figure out how much you'll need to invest and for how long to reach
your goal*

PKR 30,000

PKR 43,651

Money invested with Ping Up

If you invest:

Rs. 500

Amount invested per month

5 years

Time period

*These projections are based on current interest rates of 17% annually. This graph is for illustrative purposes only and does not guarantee future
performance. Ping Up is not liable for any discrepancies and as with all investing, your capital is at risk. Ping Up conforms to SECP regulations.

Safe and Secure

We care about your privacy
and will never hold your
information or share it with
a third party without your

All payments go directly
between your bank and funds,
with all transactions regulated
under SECP

We support pin & fingerprint ID protection on the app, so only
you can access it

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