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Use our educational module to learn about Islamic investments, saving tips, and the role of hard work, finance, and responsibility within our deen.


Access a simple, intuitive platform that allows you to invest in your future without sacrificing your faith. Built for and by Muslims in the modern world.


The forked road between deen and duniya meets to give you a path to reach your goals. You work hard for your money; make it work hard for you.

Get ready for an app designed with your needs in mind.

Here’s a map showing the regions where people are eager to embark on this exciting journey with us.

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Ping Up is for everyone. Yes, everyone!

From millennials in South Asia to Muslims in the West, our mission has always been to reach the underserved. Find the right Halal opportunities to invest in with Ping Up.

Investing for Hajj

Build an investment plan focused on the things that are close to your heart.

Thinking of Hajj? Tell us what you want to start saving for and we’ll create an investment plan based on what you can give.

Everything you invest in is good with God; clean, safe, Shariah-compliant investments to get you to goals the right way.

Safe and Secure

Ping Up is a secure financing app. We keep your money safe through the following measures

We care about your privacy
and will never hold your
information or share it with
a third party without your

All payments go directly
between your bank and funds,
with all transactions regulated
under SECP

We support pin protection on
the app, so only you can access it

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