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What in the world is the waitlist?

Ever heard the saying ‘good things come to those who wait’?

Why a waitlist?

The waitlist also allows us to keep in touch with you, sharing information and updates on all things Ping.It allows you to register your interest in the app early, test it for us, and be the first to hear the news when we’ve officially launched.

Building an app is a process that requires lots of different people working together, and at the end of that process, we want to deliver something that looks good and works perfectly. That means testing, testing, testing!

First, we got all our friends and family to test the app. Then we will have a ‘Beta Launch’.

And here we are inviting people from our waitlist to use the app, and tell us how we can make it better… sometimes you guys spot stuff that we’ve missed! This allows us to go back and rework where needed, and ensure the best experience possible when we launch.

Wait, there’s more!

And the best part – we’re planning to invite our top 50 waitlisters to come hang with the team at our launch party!

If you’ve signed up, remember to invite your friends to do the same, and with every sign up using your referral link, you’ll jump one spot and get that much closer to partying with us when we launch.

So make sure you sign up and keep an eye out on our socials!


Until next time,

Team Ping Up

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